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Buhatan River Cruise and Firefly Watching an In-city Eco Adventure You Shouldn't Miss

FB grab photo from Buhatan Eco Adventure
There are already quite a number of Eco tourist destinations now in the Philippines but the Buhatan River Cruise, Firefly watching and stargazing could make a stand out of it all.

Why not?

The 3.9 km stretch of Buhatan river in Buhatan, Sorsogon City is a home of different species such as Fireflies and endemic plants and birds. 

This river has since been the fishing ground of a thriving villagers until time has come that it could no longer provide just enough yield for all. 

Sometime in 2015, a number of random residents, having exposed to an Eco-tourism adventure in Palawan, have decided to also come up with a community based tourist attraction in Buhatan river.

They had come together volunteered their time and scarce resources in the series of clean-up drive, putting up one by one the facilities and patiently planned out what had now become a complete package of an adventure for tourists who wish to maximise time for a nature trip just an arms-reach from the city proper. 

FB grab photo from Buhatan Eco Adventure
In fact, from wherever place or whatever hotel and accommodation you may checked-in in Sorsogon City, you could reach Buhatan in ten minutes or less. 

The best to book a group voyage is the late afternoon river cruise. In almost an hour Cabana ride, you could catch up the mesmerising sunset view along the Sorsogon bay, plus a rare encounter with wild birds and reptiles. 

Going back is  much exciting because of the firefly watching and stargazing. 

Fireflies in the Buhatan river continually grow by the numbers. Residents have discovered that these lightning bugs have a favourite malobago or mangrove trees of their own. 

At dark, you will surely amazed how these nocturnal glowing insects, occupying the treetops along riverbanks, would showcase its sparkling light activity called bioluminiscence which scientists said, part of its natural courtship process..

People here said that these fireflies have stayed along Buhatan river for a long time that's why they have already made full inventory of mangroves and other tree species in the wetland part of the village.

FB grab photo from Buhatan Eco Adventure
You could also arrange for a sumptuous lunch or dinner at the river mouth where the river cruise stops over at an almost floating bamboo and Nipa restaurant. Here you could catch, just below the restaurant, piston or snapping shrimps enough for a meal delight.

The people are the one managing this one-of-a-kind tourist spot in Sorsogon, and they are in deep gratitude with the late Gina Lopez of ABS-CBN Foundation who had unselfishly lent a helping hand building and putting up the the whole packaged of an Eco-adventure.

Myrna Fulo, Buhatan River Cruise and Firefly Watching Founding  Chairman now the current vice-chairman said that Lopez had shown so much interest and passion first in restoring the natural beauty of the river up to the completion of what had become a complete pack eco tourism site.

Just recently, the Sorsogon provincial and city officials have committed to take an active participation in the continuous improvement of the Buhatan Eco-tourism site. 

The provincial government is eyeing a spacious parking area while the city government wants to put up a building as tourism center with souvenir shops.

For your bookings just call or text 09399381215 at least one day before, or you may personally visit their office just along the highway near Buhatan bridge. (Andy Espinar)

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